Spectrum - Yoga Capri Leggings
Spectrum - Yoga Capri Leggings
Spectrum - Yoga Capri Leggings
Spectrum - Yoga Capri Leggings
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Spectrum - Yoga Capri Leggings

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Spectrum Yoga Capris Leggings

Scientists use the word Spectrum to describe the rainbow of colors in light after passing through a prism.  In physics, it's a word that describes the distribution of energy or atomic particles.
We say, Spectrum describes a beautiful, unique pair of Yoga Capris Leggings.  Soft lines of colors seem to laser across a black background giving off a sense of kinetic energy. 
Graphic Artist Josh Maillet created design to remind us that we are never ending energy.
Wear the beautiful Spectrum Yoga Capris Leggings and Feel like the powerful, energetic person you are.
Buy the Limited Edition Eco-Friendly Spectrum Yoga Capris Leggings Now


Super soft, stretchy and comfortable Yoga Capris leggings.

These Yoga Capri Leggings with a high, elastic waistband are the perfect choice for yoga, the gym, or simply a comfortable evening at home.

• 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Mid-calf length
• Very soft four-way stretch fabric
• Comfortable high waistband
• Flat seam and coverstitch

Size guide

Waist (inches) 25 ¼ 26 ¾ 28 ⅜ 31 ½ 34 ⅝
Hips (inches) 35 ⅜ 37 38 ⅝ 41 ¾ 44 ⅞

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